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IT Services You Can Trust

We offer our clients a wide variety of IT services so they can focus on their business without the IT distractions.


Some of What We Do

Domains, Websites & Hosting

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  • Registrations, Transfers, Renewals, Custodianship

Web Design

  • Static sites, WordPress (Premium), Java web applications

Web Hosting

  • Hosting, Maintenance, Security, Backups, Audits


  • Website SSL/TLS, Email Server Certificates, OpenVPN Certificates


  • Hosting, Modifications, Audits

Business & VIP Services, Solutions & Training

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Custodian / Trusted Partner

  • Domains, Data, Security info / credentials & passwords, Repository service, Intermediary between parties, Trustee, Offsite physical or digital backup bank

VIP Services

  • Privacy assured IT services for VIPs, your privacy is iron clad & guaranteed by us. From CEO's to celebrities we assist all with their confidential IT needs.

Collaboration Software

  • G Suite, shared email solutions, Trello & Asana, VPN remote working, Communication tools (Skype, Slack, WhatsApp, Telegram, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, Zoom) etc.

Solutions Research & Comparisions

  • Productivity increase software, Proposal of solutions to problems, Instant search solutions (files and content), RPA - Robotic Process Automation, Disk space analytics, Merge tools, PDF tools, etc.

Specific solutions

  • Version control - file change history, Office 365, Teamviewer & other remote desktop solutions


  • We offer Training for every service & solution we provide our clients, and cater it to all levels of user knowledge.

VoIP, Google Workspace, Linux Solutions, etc.

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We have access to and offer many services such as VoIP, Google Workspace and a multitude of Linux Servers and solutions.

Laptop & Desktop Upgrades & Windows Reinstalling

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  • Sales, Replacements, Upgrades, Custom builds, PC's, Laptops, SSD's, UPS's. etc.


  • Standing / Sitting desks, Monitor / Laptop stands, Anti-eye monitors, Ergo Desk layouts, Headsets

Battery Backups

  • UPS's, Solar ready battery backups, Lithium-ion battery solutions

Software Purchases

  • Sales & Purchases, Licensing, Alternative software solutions research, Audits

Software Installs

  • Installations & Setup, Re-installations, Drive cloning, Troubleshooting, Backups, Audits, Research

Cloud Related Web Services & Solutions

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From custom websites, email servers, Java web applications, to cloud services such as G Suite. We have your cloud service needs covered.

Security, Encryption, Backups, Data Recovery

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  • Audits, Evaluations, IT forensics, Drive cloning, Data recovery, Data collection, Privacy assured assistance, Sensitive data removal / wiping.


  • Local & Onsite, Offsite & Cloud, On the go encryption, Mobile encryption, Encrypted external disk & flash drives

Security networking

  • Secure communication software, Firewalls & Secure gateways, WiFi Security, Mobile Security, Laptop Security

Remote Office Staff

  • Audits, VPN's, TeamViewer and other remote control software, Decentralised working models

Password Security

  • Shared Offline password databases / vaults, by dept, offline & local vs online solutions

Viruses, Trojans, Adware, Malware, Spyware, Ransomware

  • Attempted removal, repair & recovery, re-installations, backup / future avoidance.

Locked Down Restricted Workstations

  • Access to only certain programs & certain websites, Allow & deny lists, G Suite restrictive tooling

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