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VoIP - Voice over IP

We are here to help you and your team move to a stable and clear VoIP solution. We are a reseller with our VoIP provider, and assist our clients in saving money on their telephone bills, be it for residential or business lines.



Why move to VoIP

There are so many reason to move to a VoIP solution, but let us explain some of the top reasons you will benefit from moving your team to it.

Feel free to contact us for further information.

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1st class cloud reliability and uptime

Portability - take your number with you

Decentralised - your staff can be anywhere

Cost cutting - far cheaper call costs

Scalable and grows with your team

Line Rental Costs – (monthly)

Monthly line rental costs below, compared to Telkom which costs about R210 per month for a residential or single business line.

Contact us for our exceptionally competitive VoIP Call rates

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Other points to note:

  • Only paid up Telkom lines can be transferred.
  • Should you opt to transfer your number @ R150 (once off cost), the VoIP provider will migrate it from Telkom and cancel your telkom package on your behalf, so don’t cancel with Telkom before signing up with us. Or you can get a free new number allocated to you.
  • Package types: Package 1 (Calls charged in 30-second increments with a minimum of 60 seconds), Package 2 (Calls charged per second from the first second), (Peak – Monday to Friday 7am to 8pm. Off-Peak – all other times)
  • The VoIP phones are rather pricy starting from R970 (once off), but the month to month line rental savings and far cheaper call costs pay this off quickly.
  • The phone can be taken anywhere you have a Internet connection and it migrates with you.
  • You can either sign a debit order or do prepaid (login to the backend and allocate credits via a credit card to your account)
  • If number porting was chosen: Once your phone arrives, plug it up, make your first short call to another number, then contact us to activate your Telkom number.

Porting / number Transfer cost – (once off)

Managed Port

Port / Transfer a bank of numbers
R1000/once off
  • Base charge of R 1000 and R 15 per number thereafter
  • Includes transferring your number
  • Includes cancelling your Telkom line

Contact us for other features such as, but not limited to:

  • IVR – Interactive voice response – a voice menu when your clients contact you.
  • Voicemail
  • Call recordings
  • Call Groups
  • Switch board / call transfer
  • Per extension billing breakdown / reports
  • Voice mail to email
  • and much much more.


How can Indepth-IT assist you

Assess & advise

We assess your business VoIP needs and can advise you on VoIP related decisions

We know what choices need to be made before migration and can advise you on the product offerings and VoIP package pricing.

Migration & transfer

At a once off cost of R 150 you current home or work number can be transferred (ported) to our VoIP company.


We offer tailored VoIP training to get you and your staff up to speed on how it all works.


We are here to take away the VoIP administration burden and keep you and your team focused on your core business, with rock solid VoIP performance.


We can assist in any troubleshooting / support requirements

We can help making VoIP migrations easy and painless and are here to take away the complexity and leave the decision making to you while advising you on the best available options. We welcome collaboration in the migration process, but are also happy to handle all, and hence take away that stress from our clients so they can focus on their business. All your numbers can be retained and transferred to your new VoIP solution by us and our partner VoIP. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.

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VoIP – Frequently Asked Questions

What is VoIP

Its basically moving your work / home phone away from standard older telephony technologies to embrace newer tech over the internet. This gives you better pricing, decentralised phone network, portability is obviously available but you can also use your mobile phone with data / wifi connections to receive your calls to your desk from the office.

A good stable Fibre internet connection is recommended on site.

Can I keep my phone number(s) if I move to VoIP

Yes, its a once off porting fee of R150. Only paid up phone numbers can be transferred. 

Will you help me sign up?

Yes as you can see below you have the option to email us your details and we will fill in the form manually for your to the supplier, optionally you can also use the link further above to signup online yourself. We are here to support and assist you as and when needed.

VIP service – Sign up for me

Don’t want to do it yourself?

Want us to fill in the application on your behalf?

Send us the below information and we will take care of the hard stuff for you, then we will send you the PDF to print, sign & initial and scan back to us.

  1. Account type
    1. Individual – (assumed if not specified)
    2. Business
  2. Full Name
  3. ID number
  4. VAT number (optional)
  5. Phone numbers:
    1. Home/Work Phone number(s)
    2. Mobile number
    3. Alternative mobile number
  6. Addresses:
    1. Postal Address
    2. Physical Address
  7. Email address
    1. That you want us to register the account to – (personal email address recommended for individual lines as you will get a login account to manage your service sent to this email address)
  8. Prepaid or Debit order (Post-Paid)
    1. Prepaid option
      1. How it works: You log into a backend and paying online via credit card with 3d secure, and then allocating money, make sure not to miss a top-up or you could lose your number if there are not enough funds to cover the monthly R49 rental cost
      2. Dial 125 from your VoIP line to check your balance
    2. Debit order option – (we need the below info then)
      1. Bank Name
      2. Branch Name
      3. Branch number
      4. Account number
      5. Account type
      6. Start Date for debit order
  9. Package type
    1. Package 1 – (60/30 billing increments) – (default if not specified)
    2. Package 2 – (1/1 billing increments)
  10. Place of document signing (Your location)
  11. Handset order make and model
    1. example: Grandstream DP722
  12. Delivery instructions
    1. Recipient name
    2. Contact number
    3. Delivery address
    4. Special instructions
    5. Delivery priority:
      1. Regular – (default if not specified)
      2. Expedited @ R1000 once off
  13. Additional Contacts
    1. Full name
    2. ID number
    3. Contact type:
      1. Main contact?
      2. Billing only contact?
      3. Technical only contact?
    4. Office number
    5. Mobile number
  14. Porting info
    1. Telephone number to be ported – (@R150 once off cost)
    2. Telkom Account number
    3. Account holder Name
    4. Is there ADSL or Fibre linked on this account also?

Please Note: The above link doesn’t work in Internet Explorer, but works with in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari

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