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Domains, Websites & Hosting

We are here to help you with all your website and hosting solution needs, be they managed or unmanaged.


What We Do

Website Design

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We can build:

Quick and easily scalable WordPress websites,

Or Shopping cart ready storefront websites – that allow your customers to purchase stock or services directly from your website,

Or Custom websites – dynamic Linux / Java based websites.

Besides building your site from scratch or maintaining your existing website we offer an optional managed service that allows you to ask us to make changes to your website when and as you need. This includes security updates to the chosen tech. We will also manage your email accounts for you.

Web hosting

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We have used and work with many of the local and international web hosting companies and have compared not only price but more importantly speed, support, reliability and their ability to scale as your site / company grows. We can assist in improving your website load time, which is often more important than hosting space and similar features.

Domain security - (HTTPS)

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HTTPS (also know as SSL / TLS certificates) have become standard practice. Google and other search engines have even stated you get a search engine ranking improvement.

Your clients now expect your website to have a SSL certificate and their browsers alert them if you don’t have one for your website. They are now cheap and worth putting on all websites.

We can even help redirect your existing site from HTTP to HTTPS, such that your SEO (search engine optimization) and page rankings are retained, while your clients are redirected to the correct now more secure https page.

Domain name (Registrations & Transfers)

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Need help in registering a domain name for your business or personal project. Not only can we help you find the right domain name and purchase it but we even offer parking services.

Should you need to transfer your domain from a expensive registrar to a more affordable registrar or a new hosting company we are happy to assist.

DNS - hosting, setup, transfer, management

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Your domain registrar doesn’t offer your DNS hosting services, we can help. Don’t understand DNS or how to setup DNS correctly for  your domain let us assist. This service would include setting your domain up for services such as web, email (DKIM, SPF, DMARC), pop, imap, smtp, ftp, etc.

Domain holding as your intermediary

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Are you a association or business that has directors or trustees that often change.

Do you need a constant responsible and trusted party to hold your domain asset and assist as roles / portfolios are often moved between people. We can assist and take away the uncertainty by adding a persistant entity to the mix.


How can Indepth-IT assist you

Assess & advise

Need a new website or hosting solution? Are you paying a fair price for your existing solution? Is your existing solution the right size for your business needs?

Migration, transfer & implementation

When moving from one internet hosting provider to another we can manage this entire process for you. Peace of mind.

Design and Develop

Need a new website designed from scratch. We will work with you to design and develop your perfect solution.


We can assist in ad hoc or monthly support requests related to website / hosting issues you might be experiencing.

Administration (managed solutions)

We offer managed solutions where your monthly hosting needs are taken care of by us. This includes services such as website security updates, and page changes.


If you wish to do this process yourself or have a staff member skilled up, we can administrate the process and offer training.

We are here for you to make website and hosting easy and painless.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you host websites on premises, do you own infrastructure that we host on.

No, we believe our skills are in evaluating and using the hosting providers that offer the best hosting service for our clients.

We have become experts in putting all the parts from the different players in the market together to put together a solid web package for our clients. Most importantly we manage this process and service for our clients so they can focus on their business with web peace of mind provided by us.

Do you host locally or internationally

This depends on our clients needs and target market. If our client primarily exports their products to a certain country or out of their home country we would look for a fast international hosting partner thats suits their needs. The hosting should take place as close to the client as possible so the client experiences the best page load speeds. We work with our clients and advise them on the best choices.

What brand / type of HTTPS certificates (SSL / TLS) do you purchase and install

Once again if our clients have a preference we would follow their direction and preference.

If a wildcard certificate is required we would hunt around for the most affordable.

Some clients prefer certain SSL brands to others, but we find that for most websites the brand is not important (unless displaying of the SSL badge is critical). We would rather save our clients money and get the most affordable SSL certificate possible and make sure the site is at least fully covered by this certificate.

That said certain SSL certificate brands off extended features and or insurance.


Just some of the websites we either designed, maintain and or host.

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