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We are here to help you with all your email needs, be they managed or unmanaged.


What We Do

Email Hosting

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We are well versed in comparing email hosting providers to bring the best value for money to the customer.

Email is a critical part of any business and your hosting provider plays a important role in managing this important tool. Email account limits can hold you back in managing your email portfolio.

We have you covered.

Email Setup

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Many of our clients want their email accounts fully managed by us, not just on the email server but their devices, this removes the hassle involved with email accounts to our clients.

This service focuses on client email account setup (be it on their phone, tablet or PC/Laptop). We also offer the service to store the passwords for our clients be it in our or your companies secure encrypted password vault (training available). This comes with minimal access to only key account holders so you don’t have to worry about losing account details and passwords anymore.

Let us manage your email accounts for you and remove this burden, be it remotely over TeamViewer or in person.

Email Migration / Transfer

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Need to move from one email provider to another. We are experts at moving email from one hosting account to another. Be it 1 to multiple emails accounts we can move it.

Be it local emails (on your device) or server email we can assist.

If you need a laptop/PC reinstalled and want your emails to be transferred from your old device to your new device, we have you covered.

Security - DKIM / SPF / DMARC

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Email has come a long way since it was first invented. DKIM, SPF and DMARC are just some of the new standards available to protect your domain and staff from spam, spoofing and phishing.

Let us take your company to the next level of email security.

Email Deliverability improvements

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Your email hosting company, IP address, DKIM, SPF, DMARC and many other factors have a role in assisting your emails to be delivered to your clients and partner companies. We can assist you in this regard.

Bulk emails, Newsletters, Mailchimp etc.

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Want to communicate with your customers via newsletters, this is your option. The balance between communicating with your clients and overwhelming them is a fine line and we believe our experience in this is valued.


How can Indepth-IT assist you

Assess & advise

Need a new email hosting solution? Are you paying a fair price for your existing solution? Is your existing solution the right size for your business needs? Do you need to expand or just start out? We can advise you on all the options, pros and cons or just manage the entire process for you.

Migration, transfer & implementation

When moving from one email hosting provider to another we can manage this entire process for you. Peace of mind, tick.

Design and Develop

Need a secure, fast custom email hosting solution for massive storage space. We got you covered be it on site or in the cloud.


We can assist in ad hoc or monthly support requests related to email issues you might be experiencing.

Administration (managed solutions)

We offer managed solutions where your monthly email hosting needs are taken care of by us. This includes services such as new email accounts or forwarders, password resets, email account setup on client devices, device upgrades and mail moving. etc.


If you wish to do this process yourself or have a staff member skilled up, we can administrate the process and offer training.

We are here for you to make email hosting easy and painless.

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