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Google Workspace

G Suite is now Google Workspace

We are here to help you and your team move to a Google Workspace solution, that is rich in features and pro collaboration allowing you and your team to work together from anywhere.


How can Indepth-IT assist you

Assess & advise

We assess your business Google Workspace needs and can advise you on Google Workspace related decisions

We know what choices need to be made before migration and can advise you on the product offerings and Google Workspace package pricing.

Migration & transfer

We offer migration from your current email & file storage solution to your new Google Workspace solution


We offer tailored Google Workspace training to get you and your staff up to speed


We can administrate your team and Google Workspace settings on a month to month basis


We can assist in any troubleshooting / support requirements

We can help make Google Workspace migrations easy and painless and are here to take away the complexity and leave the decision making to you while advising you on the best available options. We welcome collaboration in the migration process, but are also happy to handle all, and hence take away that stress from our clients so they can focus on their business. All your existing email and files can be retained and transferred to your new Google Workspace solution by us. Don’t hesitate to contact us for further information.


Why move to Google Workspace

There are so many reason to move to a Google Workspace solution, but let us explain some of the top reasons you will benefit from moving your team to it.

Feel free to contact us for further information.


1st class cloud reliability and uptime

Optionally use your company domain name

Many high Security options

Much improved email deliverability

Scalable and grows with your team


Google Workspace – Frequently Asked Questions

What difference between a account and a Google Workspace solution

A account (also known as a free google account) is a free account and all email and data saved to this account belongs to the user. These types of accounts are intended for personal use, if a staff member creates a file using one of these types of accounts they own the file. When they leave the company you would need to transfer this file to another user that remains part of the company (which is not always possible as they are currently the owner of the file and you have no way to enforce this migration).

While a Google Workspace account is paid for on a monthly basis and all email and data belongs to the company / business / association. As staff (users) come and go the data that was created belongs to the business entity and cannot be lost.

What does Google Workspace come with at a high level

Google Workspace comes with – the ability to link your company domain to the product including, email (via Gmail), limited or unlimited cloud and local file storage (via Google Drive), docs & sheets editing, calendar, and much much more.

What do you mean it can link to my domain?

Google Workspace can use your company domain such as

What this means is when you staff send login / send emails they will be using your company domain name and it will look more professional and the data created by your staff is protected and belongs to the company and not the staff member.


Google Workspace – Top Features explained

File versioning and backup

Built for businesses Google Workspace offers a incredible array of backup features. Each spreadsheet and document in the cloud keeps all changes made to it by all your staff, and offers you the ability to recover / rollback / version / name or restore all these micro edits to each file. All files and data are further protected if you enable the google vault feature which allows for indefinite storage of data or a set period of time such a months or years. This feature allows for audits on your data should you need.


This has to be one of the biggest features. Gone are the days of sending a spreadsheet or document back and forth between teams, or a link to the document such that only one staff member can edit the file at one point in time and others have to wait for that staff member to exit the file before they can view/edit. Now with Google Workspace you can have as many staff editing a doc or sheet at the same time as you want.

Example: 7 staff members could be editing a Google Spreadsheet at the same time, they would be able to see the edits in real-time and collaborate together. Saving your staff time and leveraging the power of the team.


Cloud storage

Instead of relying on your local file or email server this clouded storage protects you against theft, fire and other forms of data loss. Backups are a thing of the past as every piece of data is protected against corruption or data loss.

Local and Cloud storage

The primary authority of your data is the version stored in the cloud but your staff are able to work on the data offline and locally using either Google ‘Backup and Sync’ or the business version Google ‘Drive File Steam’. Google Drive File Stream create a local G:\ which is a convinient Windows explorer and Mac finder shortcut view to your personal Google drive and company shared and team drives.

What is a Shared drive (used to be known as a Team drive)

A shared drive is a file storage location that is setup for a team of users to work with files according to their respective permissions. You can make private shared drives or public ones, you have the ability to give certain staff more features or less features depending on your needs. The data that is put into this shared drive is protected from data loss and also belongs to the company and cannot be lost. You can make as many Shared drives as you need and their names are often clear and obvious as to their purpose and who they are for.

Large Storage

2 TB file storage is available for Google Workspace Business accounts.

Instant search results for your staff

One of the most valuable features is the ability for your staff to instantly search for old emails or files via your private search. Staff can search for a piece of text in an email and find it instantly or a piece of text in a file (doc / pdf etc) and get the results without waiting. All files storage on your private storage are indexed and you are able to find text easily and instantly.

Email deliverability improvements

With Google Workspace we are able to install 3 powerful industry standard email best practices (DKIM, SPF and DMARC). These are technologies used by 1st class email servers to protect you and other companies from email spam/fraud by moving you into the realm of safe email sending & receiving. By using these technologies email deliverability for your domain will increase, and your clients are more likely to receive your email. Further more technical information on these technologies is availabe on request.

Device friendly and mobile friendly

Google Workspace works with all versions of Windows, Apple Macs, Mobiles phones such as iPhone’s and Androids, Tablets (apple and android again). Where ever you take your phone or tablet you will have access to all your emails and all your files no matter where you are in the world.


Google being a leader in security offer many additional methods of securing your company data and staff login methods. This includes the much loved 2 factor authentication, and much more. We are here to help you understand these basic methods of security.

Permissions and sharing options

Google Workspace allows for many levels of permission setting so that different staff and departments can be permitted to view, edit, add, delete and create content as you see fit.

Google Workspace also gives you the ability to share with staff/departments and outside clients / business partners.


Google Workspace comes with 24/7 support from Google and their team of support staff are friendly and knowledgable about their product. They have always been a pleasure to work with.


Moving to Google Workspace

Contact us for a quote on moving your domain and team to Google Workspace. The migration process is safe and seamless. We offer training and orientation for your staff or team leaders and can also offer a phased migration so that your staff get the training in stages. With our experience we can take the fear out of moving to this solution, and we know what to look out for and what questions to ask our clients. This makes sure the solution is custom built to your companies needs.


What People Are Saying

Our team is now working from home remotely and so thankful for this change. All staff can send and receive emails easily via GMail or Outlook and also use their phones. Our staff have access to ALL their emails no matter where they are.

Google Drive has given us the flexibility to store our files such that each department has access to their files wherever they are.

Theresa Dobkins

Taken care of by Indepth-IT through this beneficial upgrade. They manage our account monthly for us and take away the annoying IT allowing us to focus on our business. Our staff have enjoyed the move to  this new product and cannot live without it now. There are so many features which we are growing into at our own pace, that said the core features we needed are easy to use, and training from Indepth-IT sped up our time to learn.

Paul Smith

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